Toska was founded in 2010 to accommodate our dream to become entrepreneur and freelancer.  Toska presents a collaboration of communication enthusiasts who share the same values and have interest for synergy.  Our collaboration is the tool to share and increase innovation and creativity that will benefit the people involved and its surrounding.  

Toska aims to be the top-of-mind consultant for clients and public that provides the right communication tools to ensure your message is accepted, understood and embraced. We will share our ideas with you regarding the message you want to deliver and lend you our hands which you can hold onto in every situation you face. 

For we are not merely seeking consultant-client relationship, we are looking for a long term friendship. We want to be your friend in need, to be your friend indeed. 

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Jl. Margasatwa Raya No. 63 Komplek MA Pondok Labu, Jakarta, Indonesia 12450
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